Explaining the SOL liquid staking solution by Chorus One

Understanding transactions is key to understanding bitcoin

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What is a bitcoin transaction?

It took 40 years of discoveries and inventions for BTC to become a reality

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Before you invest make sure you know the answers to these 3 questions

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Whether it is a $200K Job or a startup fair, CV is still the go-to document for most people

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1. The 10 Second Rule

  1. Impact — e.g. sold 100K disposable sanitary pads
  2. Improvement — e.g. made the code run 10x faster or occupy 1/10th the space
  3. Novelty —…

It’s not too late to enter the wonderland of cryptocurrencies

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Why start now?

1) Crypto-Pundits

2) Banks

Learn to looking at words as a sequence of numbers

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Sentence chopping tutorial in 5 minutes with Python’s Tensorflow

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One plus one is two

Tips for securing an offer @ Google for a PM job!

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Google’s vision comes from the foot soldiers because it is inherently engineer driven.

Culture @ Google

This is all you need to do to give voice to the artist in you.

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Your inner voice is expressionless.

It occurs purely as electrical signals in the brain

Rishi Sidhu

Blockchain | Machine Learning | Product Management

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