800,000 LDO and many more rewards are live on Lido for Solana and its DeFi integrations

Lido for Solana launched about a month ago and so far north of $200m worth of SOL has already been staked with Lido. …

Anthem, a dashboard to manage your Celo and Oasis portfolios, will be shut down in October 2021

On October 7th, we will be sunsetting Anthem, a dashboard that allows users to track and manage their Celo, Oasis, and (before cosmoshub-4) Cosmos portfolios. …

In an endeavor to make Lido for Solana secure, we are partnering with Immunefi to deliver a $100,000 bug bounty program

We are taking another step in making Lido for Solana more secure by announcing a bug bounty in partnership with Immunefi. To date, we have had two audits done on our source code. The first one has been done by Bramah Systems and the second one, which is ongoing at…

The ways in which multisig reduces trust surfaces and speeds up project execution

Lido for Solana is governed by the Lido Decentralized Autonomous Organization (Lido DAO). Members of the DAO — holders of the LDO governance token — can vote on high-level proposals, such as whether to expand to a new chain. …

$2K each for 5 women anywhere in the world to attend Ethereum Bootcamp by Preethi Kasireddy

Chorus One is delighted to sponsor 5 full scholarships ($2000 each) to Preethi Kasireddy’s 7 day Ethereum Bootcamp — at the end of which you would have built your very first Dapp!

Chorus One is committed to gender diversity in the Crypto Space. We actively run, support, and fund initiatives…

Lido for Solana Mainnet will launch soon. Here’s what we have been up to!


Explaining how a crypto holder can earn rewards on their assets

Explaining the SOL liquid staking solution by Chorus One

Lido, the largest liquid staking project on Eth2 and Terra, is looking to expand its offering to the high-performance blockchain Solana. Chorus One is building this service for Lido.

‘Lido for Solana’ is a Lido-DAO governed liquid staking protocol for the Solana blockchain. Anyone who stakes their SOL tokens with…

Understanding transactions is key to understanding bitcoin

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

What is a bitcoin transaction?

A bitcoin transaction is the means by which the ownership of some bitcoin value is transferred. A transaction is basically a record of how much bitcoin got moved from one address to another (or multiple others). In essence, bitcoins exist as records of bitcoin transactions

Structurally, it is a collection…

It took 40 years of discoveries and inventions for BTC to become a reality

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

The invention of the Bitcoin protocol is neither a fluke nor an isolated incident. It is the culmination of 40 years of innovation in the fields of network theory, mathematics, cryptography, and algorithms.

A number of different research papers were required to happen before one could even think of bitcoin…

Rishi Sidhu

Blockchain | Machine Learning | Product Management

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