Understanding transactions is key to understanding bitcoin

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A bitcoin transaction is the means by which the ownership of some bitcoin value is transferred. A transaction is basically a record of how much bitcoin got moved from one address to another (or multiple others). In essence, bitcoins exist as records of bitcoin transactions

Structurally, it is a collection of inputs and outputs. Input means an address that contains a non-zero bitcoin value from which the bitcoin will be sent. Similarly, ‘an output’ is an address that receives the bitcoin. Inputs belong to the same owner, whereas outputs may not!

This description makes a transaction look more like a…

It took 40 years of discoveries and inventions for BTC to become a reality

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The invention of the Bitcoin protocol is neither a fluke nor an isolated incident. It is the culmination of 40 years of innovation in the fields of network theory, mathematics, cryptography, and algorithms.

A number of different research papers were required to happen before one could even think of bitcoin. For example, the existence of the internet as we know it today is based on a protocol called TCP/IP. Thus the papers that describe the design of this protocol are key in the history of bitcoin.

In Nov 2019 Ansel Lindner, host of Bitcoin Markets, tweeted an infographic labeled Bitcoin…

Before you invest make sure you know the answers to these 3 questions

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The total value of all cryptocurrencies combined crossed the mythic figure of $1 Trillion in the first week of January this year. Slowly, but not quite steadily, they are becoming a potent force.

Despite their meteoric rise, digital currencies have loopholes. By virtue of existing solely in the cloud, they bring along a host of issues. How do we know which digital currency to trust?

Even though the market’s confidence says a lot about a currency’s validity, how a currency solves a few technical challenges speaks much more to its validity than a market ever could.

In 2018, Bitcoin Gold…

Whether it is a $200K Job or a startup fair, CV is still the go-to document for most people

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A resume isn’t read. It is ‘glanced over’. A recruiter or an investor will typically spend only 10 seconds per CV. A rule of thumb is that less than 10 years of experience equals 1 page resume.

A resume is not an essay or a letter. It is neither a detailed report of what you did or a summary of your duties. A resume is a collection of peaks. Each peak is one of these four.

  1. Impact — e.g. sold 100K disposable sanitary pads
  2. Improvement — e.g. made the code run 10x faster or occupy 1/10th the space
  3. Novelty —…

It’s not too late to enter the wonderland of cryptocurrencies

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Why start now?

Bitcoin was invented in 2008. It has seen its ups and downs as a traded currency and of late it has survived major socio-political events and emerged stronger. At first, it seems like most of us latecomers have missed the ‘gold-rush (sic)’ there are valid signals pointing to an even brighter future.

Most of the crypto-pundits believe BTC will reach $1M at some point. Even those who are not hardcore believers think that $100K is not too far away.

Financial institutions who were again crypto, in particular BTC, in the past have come out in support of it.

Learn to looking at words as a sequence of numbers

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In this article, we will look at how to tokenize never-before-seen words. Python’s tensorflow tokeniser can easily convert known words into tokens but what happens when you throw it words that it hasn’t seen before?

Tensorflow tokenizer is a very powerful tool. As shown in the article below it is very easy to get started with it.

The tokenizer can be used to convert a set of training data (sentences) into a dictionary where each unique word gets a different ID, so to say. Let’s look at how to create a dictionary out of words.

In Tensorflow, this dictionary is…

Sentence chopping tutorial in 5 minutes with Python’s Tensorflow

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Tensorflow tokenizer lets you convert the words in a sentence into numbers. Each word gets an ID and thus lets you perform a wide variety of NLP tasks from sentiment analysis to sentence similarity.

Let’s say we have the following sentence

The tokenizer will give an id to every word.

Tips for securing an offer @ Google for a PM job!

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Google’s vision comes from the foot soldiers because it is inherently engineer driven. The role of a PM, therefore, is to make sure the engineering machine is well oiled. A product manager at Google provides its engineers with any non-engineering support that they might need. That ranges all the way from design to customer feedback. One of the PM’s crucial roles is to base their function on analysis and strategy.

Google’s vision comes from the foot soldiers because it is inherently engineer driven.

Culture @ Google

To understand the kind of people they hire, one needs to know the culture they have. Google…

This is all you need to do to give voice to the artist in you.

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Your inner voice is expressionless. It occurs purely as electrical signals in the brain, otherwise known as thoughts. These thoughts are akin to clay — shapeless and without integrity.

Your inner voice is expressionless.

Clay becomes a recognizable object when appropriate force is applied to it. A thought becomes reality in a similar fashion through the medium of writing. In fact, whether it is writing, painting, or dancing, the origin of a particular piece of art occurs as a thought.

It occurs purely as electrical signals in the brain

All of us possess some amount of evolutionary creativity. Then, why…

Competitive frontend-developer jobs expect engineers to be well versed in these features

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ECMAScript is a standard that web browsers follow while interpreting Javascript. Experts from across the world gather and decide on the changes that should make the language better. The 6th edition of such a conference happened in June 2015. The standard that came out of it was initially known as ECMAScript 6 (ES6) and was later renamed to ECMAScript 2015. Since then the standard is named as ECMAScript [Year No.] . This year’s standard is known as ECMAScript 2020

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